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‘‘Creating your own fabric in your work is freedom’’ 


                                                                    Sandra Backlund

In the last 100 years, the global average temperature has increased by about 0.6 ° C and if the precautionary measures are not taken, the temperature increase is expected to increase rapidly. This will lead to natural disasters such as the decrease of glaciers, increase of desert areas, rain and snow, floods and hurricanes. 

In addition to all other sectors, the contribution of textile sector to climate change will be examined, the measures to be taken and the benefits of handmade products in energy acquisition will be discussed. 

In this thesis, the effects of warming and climate changes and their impact on the world are reviewed. 

The collection was made with handmade woven fabrics and based on this information a collection was created focusing on the melting of the glaciers, which had the lowest carbon footprint. 

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